Redemption of the Damned. Fire wall.

Some news about the ongoing work on “Redemption of the Damned” (RoD) PC survival.

Gamepad support was added a month ago.

Now we are working with new locations and, as a result, actively expanding the functionality of gameplay events.

Here is one of such novelties — a fire wall. Designed to protect the player from getting into certain areas. We all know that gamers like to go where developers don’t want them to be :)

Of course, the use of such mechanics in different conditions entails work on adaptability — the visual component, the functional component. As a result, it became possible to place a fiery wall on any surface, in any form. Yes, and with the settings (parameters of collision, particles, sounds), complete order is beauty.

We boasted a little about the work, for which, I think, you will forgive us and appreciate the prototype of the described gaming entity in the video.



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