NFT turtles (for Animal Rescue Party Club)

NFT turtle. For Animal Rescue Party Club.

The #NFT trend has also affected us.

One of the projects that the MiroWin studio has been working on (modeling, texturing, rendering) lately is the first NFT collection with transparent social mission.

Work with NFT turtle: modeling, texturing, rendering. For Animal Rescue Party Club.

🐢 Animal Rescue Party Club (ARPC) is doing a great work on the ocean and its inhabitants preservation, in particular, turtles. Happy to be a part of this good cause!

ARPC is building the best community on the market to build a $1B+ DAO-operated web3 brand. More info about Animal Rescue Party Club initiative is here →

📌 Join their pages in:

► Instagram -

► Twitter -




Ukrainian game development studio, publisher and promoter.

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MiroWin studio

MiroWin studio

Ukrainian game development studio, publisher and promoter.

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