“HINGE” VR horror released an Update on gamers demand

Update V2021.02.28

Over the past few months, HINGE development team have been reworking location lighting in detail in order to achieve performance gains taking into account feedback from gamers. During the process of increasing the FPS speed, the task to keep the existing beauty of the location has been met also.

Thus, Update V2021.02.28 includes:

  • Improved FPS
  • Improved hints
  • Added Native Oculus Driver Support
  • Improved map
  • Added highlighting of gameplay objects
  • Fixed bug with door handle
  • Fixed saves bug

In HINGE (developer — Arcadia) you get into a nightmarish building where high-quality graphics and sound effects do the trick to evoke the necessary thrill. Gamers struggle for survival in an oppressive atmosphere of horror that chases you wherever you go.


The game is set in an American metropolis of the early 20th century right after the Spanish flu epidemic. It takes place in a skyscraper full of fashionable Art Deco apartments, built by an eccentric millionaire (who is actually an occultist and the head of a mysterious cult).

Don’t hesitate to contact developer to get the “HINGE” Steam-key to try our update by yourselves: hinge@arcadia-vr.com



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