Desperation in Federation bundle released

MiroWin studio
2 min readNov 22, 2022


Desperation in Federation bundle

In one package you get tickets to two VR adventures in cyberpunk style.

Go back to the criminal 90s on the postsoviet space to feel the atmosphere of the Perestroika era and start cleaning the streets from the rabble with your own hands?
Or to feel yourself as a hired killer, brought to a breaking point, whose only friend is…a robot doll?

No need to choose — take the bundle and play both!


Dynamic VR first-person shooter in attraction format, set in a setting where the era of Perestroika, criminal gangs and other attributes of the dashing 90s in the post-Soviet space are mixed with the aesthetic of cyberpunk 2077 year.
The main hero, who lives in a sleeping area of the city of M, goes out to meet his “favorite” neighbors. The morality of the people here has fallen and now a simple trip to get some bread is a hell of an adventure.
This whole city is a goddamn ghetto…
And you are a cyber-psychic in this city whose program has malfunctioned because of the “Taras-Kulish” critical error, which encourages you to kill. It’s time to clean the streets of filth.

Desperate: Vladivostok

Bullet Hell VR action in the post-Soviet era, filled with primal ultraviolence, furious fights and adrenaline gunfights. Immerse yourself in a world in which you are alone against everyone.
The setting of the game is cyberpunk during the Perestroika period. You take on the role of a contract killer — “torpedo”. The life circumstances forced your hero to act aggressively, clawing the way to the destruction of a political organized criminal group and its leader at any cost.