“Bureau of Contacts” got the Steam-page

MiroWin studio
Feb 27, 2024

“Bureau of Contacts” PC horror game got a Steam-page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2840210/Bureau_of_Contacts/

Happy to invite everyone to WISHLIST the horror game that we have been intriguing you with since the end of 2023.

We started our work on “Bureau of Contacts” with small experiments on the possibilities of modern AI technologies, and in the end we trained a neural network to kill…

Bureau of Contacts. From development process.

In the game, agents of the bureau of paranormal contacts will have to explore generative locations, keeping in mind that their every word and action are evaluated by dark forces and determine their fate.

Bureau of Contacts” is scheduled for Early Access release in summer 2024 in single-player and co-op modes.