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Chort. “Redemption of the Damned” PC game devdiary.

👿 Our game’s bestiary is updating with a new character and, like all monsters in the game, his unique behavior and special requirements for how he is killed are key points in our work, but only a small part of what is required to fully realize his unique profile.

😨 Indeed, for this scoundrel, a couple of trump cards are conceived in the sleeve in order to successfully act on the player’s nerves, to force to use tactical thinking in battle, in between the usual shredding and shooting simpler monsters.

😈 Who is this? We just call him the chort, an anthropomorphic malign spirit or demon in Slavic folk tradition.

To some, he may remotely resemble the The Prowler in Doom, Marvel universe fans will definitely be able to find an analogue for him.

What could be better than killing the wicked in different ways?

Beautifully slam the enemies against the elements of the environment, for sure.

We thought that even if the addition of cinematic interactions does not match the realistic behavior of objects, it contains its fair share of fun even in a dark and deadly “Redemption of the Damned” world.

In this video, we show only the beginning of a long journey to an advanced system of interaction between enemies, player and environment.

In the harsh world of “Redemption of The Damned” the player can left without any staff at any time, because in case of death, everything that was brought to battle will be lost.

Therefore, it would be unfair to leave the player totally without possibility to defend and opportunity to get new staff. That’s why we are working on expanding the combat capabilities of the character, in particular hand-to-hand combat.

At the same time, any damage from the melee combat depends on the characteristics of the character, so there will be expanse for those who like to feel like berserkers.