🧱 The work with “Redemption of the Damned” is progressing step by step.

➕ Do not forget to add the game to your Steam-wishlist if you already feel the atmosphere — https://store.steampowered.com/app/1620420/Redemption_of_the_Damned/?utm_source=medium

🗒 At the moment, we’re doing fine-tuning of the inventory system and drop, continuing the work on the villagers (NPC) and the trading system.

👉 We are especially well advanced in the work on the environment, which you can see in the attached screenshots.

Despite the fact that the visual design of the #RoD game is created in a gloomy setting in order to match the selected location and time period (European outskirts of the 16th — 18th centuries), the storyline assumes a change of the daytime.

Redemption of the Damned game. Devlog #6. Night

The cycle of day and night changes affects the activity of enemies, which prompts the player to adapt, study the world around him and the features inherent in monsters from the folklore of Western and Eastern Europe.

Fog will become an integral part of the game’s plot.

“Redemption of the Damned” game. The fog.

It wouldn’t feel like a magical winter haze in the Alps or mesmerizing bluish smog from essential oils of the Australian Blue Mountains.

We are working on icons for weapons and other quick-use items (potion, drinks, food, etc.), statuses, bars.

Variant 1

The bars below represent the hero’s life (red), the ability to accelerate (yellow), the need in water/food (blue and beige).
In the same place - the number of remaining cartridges, supplies, holy water.
The indicators on the right show the available weapons.
Finally, the bar at the top works as a compass and helps the player navigate in search of the desired location.

Variant 2

The Holy Cross and other holy items, yeah.

🧛‍♂ The holy cross is a weapon in the game full of all kinds of monsters.

🔥⚗ In addition to a sword and a firearm, the standard hunter’s inventory will include other objects that help in the fight against evil spirits — holy water, a torch, wooden stakes.

Don’t think that work on RoD stops even for a minute!

Working with the vambracers of the main character we achieved shine, scratches and realistic metal effect.

“Redemption of the Damned” game. Vambracers. Progress in work

Vambracers are part of the armor, defence for the forearm worn.
By the way, Europe owes their appearance to the East influence, where, for example, in Iran, tubular vambracers were already known in the VIII century.

Some pictures of the future arena-shooter “TinShift” (release date — June 3, 2021):

Let’s get to know the game ahead of its release. TinShift has different interesting features and return in time is among them.

Return in time is a real thing.
Due to the excessive dynamics, it is often not possible to immediately respond to a surprise attack or a stray sniper bullet.
Therefore everyone has a second chance — to change the course of events with a rollback 10 seconds back.
This chance recharges when you successfully kill an enemy.

📍 In regard of soon release we invite you to TinShift Discord to celebrate and to play together.

Call your friends, because further TinShift world will be only more better and more cooler. More people — more fun!

The time era in the game is the 16th century, Europe. The region and the time, for which, in particular, taverns are characteristic, complementing the so-called “romance of the roads” even in the pre-automotive era.

Redemption of the Damned (RoD). Tavern — MiroWin ©

Walls, floor, beams, stairs, roof — everything is made of modular parts.

MiroWin studio

Ukrainian game promotion studio, publisher and developer.

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