In the new “Redemption of the Damned” developer diary we’re happy to show the new location.

Fascinating backgrounds, bizarre rock shapes, towering and menacing walls are the results of working with the environment and level design, which is worth paying attention to.

It is not surprising that already now we are hearing your wishes about release of this game on VR too in order to be able to immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of this hidden world as much as possible.

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NFT turtle. For Animal Rescue Party Club.

The #NFT trend has also affected us.

One of the projects that the MiroWin studio has been working on (modeling, texturing, rendering) lately is the first NFT collection with transparent social mission.

Work with NFT turtle: modeling, texturing, rendering. For Animal Rescue Party Club.

🐢 Animal Rescue Party Club (ARPC) is doing a great work on the ocean and its inhabitants preservation, in particular, turtles. Happy to be a part of this good cause!

ARPC is building the best community on the market to build a $1B+ DAO-operated web3 brand. More info about Animal Rescue Party Club initiative is here →

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Redemption of the Damned, development diary. MiroWin ©

🚀 Happy to show the significant progress for the last monthes.

🍫 In the next video we focused on:

  • improved visual & sound effects when causing and receiving damage, using weapons;
  • improved enemy animations;
  • UX/UI system core.
Redemption of the Damned, development diary. MiroWin ©



Dear friends and partners! 🔥 Europe is at war. Ukraine on fire.

Let’s do everything together so that they don’t talk about Ukraine that it “was”, but say — it “is”.

🤝 Find the link to support Ukraine’s Armed Forces in description to the video. REPOST can save lives!

We will win. There will be new cities. There will be new dreams. There will be a new story. There will be, there’s no doubt. And those we’ve lost will be remembered. And we will sing again, and we will celebrate anew.

Don’t be left out! Support financially the Army of Ukraine. Stand on the side of light, goodness, truth, clear skies and security!

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Working on the interaction with equipment and optimizing controls for different devices, we plan to create a number of mechanics and UI elements that would:

  • improve the usability of such interaction;
  • compensate some peculiarities of the character’s armament for a better game experience.

In particular, the universal selector from this video is one of the solutions from this range, which will allow to quickly switch between the hunter’s weapons and tools right in combat.



Chort. “Redemption of the Damned” PC game devdiary.

👿 Our game’s bestiary is updating with a new character and, like all monsters in the game, his unique behavior and special requirements for how he is killed are key points in our work, but only a small part of what is required to fully realize his unique profile.

😨 Indeed, for this scoundrel, a couple of trump cards are conceived in the sleeve in order to successfully act on the player’s nerves, to force to use tactical thinking in battle, in between the usual shredding and shooting simpler monsters.

😈 Who is this? We just call him the chort, an anthropomorphic malign spirit or demon in Slavic folk tradition.

To some, he may remotely resemble the The Prowler in Doom, Marvel universe fans will definitely be able to find an analogue for him.